Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm a "runner" now

I decided a few months ago that my current state of fitness was not acceptable. I would go walking for an hour several times a week and try to be active otherwise, but it just wasn't cutting it. A few friends and I decided that we were going to take it up a notch and train for a 5K. The lucky race? The Blood Run because or good friend has been involved in carrying this off for several years. Her son has hemophilia and this run is a fundraiser for the Utah Hemophilia Foundation. I decided that I would train on my own, because I am here to tell you that when I run, it isn't pretty. Whenever I use the word "run" please insert air quotes around it as I still do a mix of running for as long as I possible can and then walking so I don't die. I used a free app for my training program which was basically the "Couch to 5K" program. I really excelled at the COUCH part of that program... and almost got to the point that I could run the whole 5K, but I still walked when my lungs were on fire and finished it! My time was nothing to be proud of, but I did finish in under an hour, which was my goal :). And now I have a "personal best" to beat next time!

Before the race... Sara (who is amazingly training for a half-marathon!), Raylyn (who continued to train and run despite severe pain from shin splints and came to do the race even though it was her BIRTHDAY!), Camie (who is already a pro-runner and has done many 5Ks), and me, the novice....
...and after the race. As we were talking about our lovely smell Sara said, "that's the smell of success!" I commented that mine was the smell of survival. I made it!!! The race was at Wheeler farm and at one point the horses (in their corrals) were running with us. There was a whole lot of dust in the air, so during the race we literally ATE DUST. But have I mentioned that we finished? I get a little teary eyed just thinking about it :).

Our friend Jill came to support us and to bring donuts for Raylyn the birthday girl! Jill started out training too, but injured her heel and was told that she couldn't run for many more weeks.

I don't love running. Many have told me that I just have to run a mile without stopping (or was it five?) and then I'll love it. Or I just have to do a race, and then I'll love it. Well, I still haven't found that runner's high, but I'm determined to stick with it, at least until I can really RUN the whole dang 5K.  Wish me luck.


Linn said...

I think you are incredible! So, so proud of you and as I tell my kids, "You don't have to like it, you just have to do it."

Does this apply to running?

Probably not. Carry on.

Kristi said...

I'm so proud of you! I did the Bloodrun a few years ago and loved it. I wanted to do it again, but we were out of town this year. It's a great cause to support for sure. So fun to see you cute ladies showing your support.

Shirlene said...

Way to go!! That is so awesome, and quite an accomplishment!! I'm sure it feels so good to
see your goal through to the end. Next you'll be running 1/2 marathons too!!! Congrats!

Rockelle said...

thats so awesome!

Haven Rock said...

Yay, running! Let me know your next race and I'll cone do it with you. :)